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About Promove Demolition Products

The right breaker for your carrier

Choose with extreme care the hammer suitable to your machine. This will avoid any possible problem and improve the operating performance.

It is important to choose the hammer in accordance with the excavator’s hydraulic features (allowed oil flow ) and weight.

Our team of experts is at your service to advise on the best match .

Choose the right breaker according to the work to be carried out

The choice of the right hammer is determined not only by the weight of the carrier, but also by the type of work it has to perform.

If a breaker is to be installed on a machine whose weight allows the matching with different hammers, it is essential to evaluate the type of rock to be worked or the severity of the application (frequency of use).

Promove also offers a wide range of breakers suitable for special applications such as high temperature processing, underwater applications or tunnelling.

What is the right tool?

The right choice of the tool could result in: increased productivity, reduction of tool breaking.

To make the right choice, it is important to the type of work the hammer has to perform.

You can choose among:


Chisel – Suitable for all the earth works or restricted section excavations on medium, hard and layered rocks.

Moil Point – Suitable for breaking cement and not layered medium hardness rocks.

Blunt tool – Suitable for recycling, secondary breaking in quarry, breaking oversize

Pyramid tool – Suitable for reinforced concrete and similar material, compact rock hard to be penetrated.

Wood cutting tool – Suitable to fell trees or to cut large-sized stocks.

Asphalt-cutting tool – Suitable for asphalt cutting works, breaking floors, walls, tile or tufa walls.

Pile-driving tool – Suitable for pile works or supporting columns for guard rails, etc.

On which carriers can I use Promove breakers?

It is possible to install Promove hammers on any type of excavator thanks to the wide range of breakers offered and their ability to adapt to different hydraulic systems.

How to adjust the impact frequency

The medium and heavy range of our breakers is equipped with a valve that allows to adjust the blow frequency depending on the type of material to be broken. Impact vs. energy can be adjusted according to the hardness of the rock to be broken:

  1. Hard rock: low frequency with higher  energy is more efficient
  2. Soft rock: fast frequency delivers more production

Please get in touch with Promove team of experts for the right setting