Hydraulic motor equipped with protection valve against high pressure peaks and overflow
Heavy-duty cylinder
Manufactured using the best structural and anti-wear steel
Easily interchangeable teeth
reversible 4-edge blades
Optimization of geometries to increase the jaws opening / closing performance speed

SK Series

Main features

The new CP300 SK, a 320 Kg range crusher, is specifically designed to fit excavators ranging from 2 to 10 tons with the innovative hydraulic booster combined with the widest jaw opening of its category leading to the highest performance ever . Such smart system has the aim to multiply the inlet pressure by increasing the crusher’s closing force in specific situation, auto-recognizing when the booster is necessary .

This results in three performance advantages:
  • lowering of fuel consumption, very important in the long term cost-saving;
  • improved cutting force making the crusher extremely reliable and performing both in primary and secondary breaking;
  • reduced working time with aster cycle.