Make it New

Give a second life to your old breaker instead of throwing it away!

What is inside?

With two different options – strong or light – according to its conditions we will completely rebuild and repaint your breaker covered by one-year warranty ready for a new working life!


  • By choosing Promove Genuine spare parts you will gain one year warranty your on old Promove breaker!

  • Fast regeneration timing!

  • You can decide how to make your breaker new by choosing between 2 different programs and depending on how much you did use it;

  • A Light program for functioning breakers in good conditions.

  • A Strong program for breakers not working or with serious problems.

  • Your breaker will be carefully analysed, restored and repainted: a new service life will start for your Promove breaker!

  • Instead of throwing it away, give it a second life!

  • Increased value of used breaker

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