Safety Check Valve, to retain the grab force (optional).
360° Continous Hydraulic Rotation.
High Loading Capacity.
Replaceable and Reversible Cutting Blades.
Blade bolts and nuts are sunked at the in-and outside.
Cylinders with end absorption,no need of mechanical blocks on jaws.
Protection valve against high pressure peaks and overflow.

HG+ Series

Main features

  • Wide Range of more than 20 models from 75Kg up to 13.000Kg;

  • Low own weight and height;

  • Cylinders almost do not move;

  • Due to special cylinder cinematics the force in the mainframe construction and axles is reduced by 50%;

  • Hard chromed n.4 axes;

  • From HG10.16, two hydraulic motors and two drive gears for better distributed power and torque;

  • Grease nipples are very easy accessible (not through the axes);

  • The top plate is at an angle, which increases the maneuverability of the grab;

  • The jaws are made of a single bent sheet in Hardox. They are perforated to reduce the weight;

  • Minimum use of flexible connections and hoses for better reliability.