the e-breaker system allows to: monitor the actual working hours

geolocate your breaker, verify proper operation and plan maintenance interventions.

everything under control

Remote Monitoring of the single breaker and of the whole fleet

Location in case ofunauthorized movements


Planning of maintenance interventions

Optimization of the breaker use and hour meter

Anticipate needs

Evaluation of the state of the single breaker or of the fleet

Ambient temperature and battery status


Production optimization & maximization

Planning of machine downtime

Counting of the working hours

Daily use of the breaker

Breaker’s Life Timer

Geolocation on the map

You ALWAYS know where it is

Geolocation and real-time visualization of the last 10 positions of your equipment

Establish a working area within which the equipment can operate.

Notice in the event of unauthorized movement of the equipment.

The advantages of an integrated SYSTEM

A solution designed to track the productivity of your business. Take advantage of this innovative system to optimize the operation of your breaker and maximize the entire production process.

Stato di funzionamento del dispositivo
Potenza del segnale GSM
Batteria residua
Ore totali di spostamento dell’attrezzatura
Temperatura ambiente
Data ed ora ultima comunicazione con E-Breaker
Ore totali di lavoro dell’attrezzatura
Ore parziali di lavoro dall’ultima manutenzione

Everything under control on any device

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