Protection Valve against high pressure peaks
Wide slewing ring to face hard and extreme job conditions
speed Valve faster working cycles
Manufactured using the best structural and anti-wear steel
Dual guide system to prevent unwanted deflection of the mobile jaw during cutting
Gap-recover system warrants precise cutting line
Reversible 4-edges blades
Interchangeable tip
Fully protected culider
Heavy duty cylinder: outstanding cutting power

SC Series

Main features

The SC scrap shears are designed to face the hardest applications in both aerial and traditional demolition (in foundries, dumps and scrap-yards). They are mainly used for:

  • Demolition of metal structures like industrial buildings, pylons, train cars, scraps processing, green-houses.
  • Demolition of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals rebars and differently shaped profiles.
  • Cutting and processing of heavy industrial tires. Extremely high performance and top reliability are the basic concepts in their construction, entirely made of highly wear resistant and with outstanding mechanical features Hardox 400.

They can be stick or boom mounted on type of excavator from 13 to 110 ton.

Working weight 1310 kg - Excavator 13/20 (stick) 8/14 (boom) ton

Working weight 2270 kg - Excavator 19/28 (stick) 14/20 (boom) ton

Working weight 3260 kg - Excavator 27/39 (stick) 20/30 (boom) ton

Working weight 4170 kg - Excavator 32/45 (stick) 25/40 (boom) ton

Working weight 5100 kg - Excavator 38/55 (stick) 30/50 (boom) ton

Working weight 8100 kg - Excavator 70/110 (stick) 50/80 (boom) ton

Working weight 1030 kg - Excavator over 85 (stick) over 60 (boom) ton