Protection valve against high pressure peaks
360° Rotation
Spead valve faster working cycles
Heavy duty & oversized Pivot components well protected against accidental hits
Reverseble blades
Interchangeable front teeth
Large openings allow broken material to easily pass through
Interchangeable front teeth
Full Hardox 400
Fully protected cylinder
Heavy duty cylinder: outstanding breaking power

CR Series

Main features

CRs are multi-purpose attachment with the ability to perform both shearing and concrete pulverizing tasks for use in both primary and secondary demolition, excellent for use in high reach applications and with great maneuverability. The crushers feature special blades to grip and cut rebars and continuous 360° rotation is provided by a central rotating motor. The speed valve guarantees faster working cycles.

Crusher weight 760 kg - Excavator 6/13 ton

Crusher weight 1200 kg - Excavator 13/16 ton

Crusher weight 1570 kg - Excavator 15/22 ton

Crusher weight 2040 kg - Excavator 18/26 ton

Crusher weight 2525 kg - Excavator 25/36 ton

Crusher weight 3330 kg - Excavator 32/40 ton